Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Clinical Hypnotherapy

“Each day thousands of people fall victims of physical and non-physical health problems, risky drugs and surgery”

If you are frustrated, tired of popping pills every day, and still suffering, don’t miss a single word in this blog!

There is a hope for you and your loved ones. People just like you who thought they had no hope-no real alternative to the Medical establishments’ regimen of drugs and surgery-until they themselves tried the alternative therapy and are now enjoying their lives.

It costs a mere fraction of the expensive drugs, and there is no health risks involved. The healing procedure is proven to be 100% save and effective and natural.

Best of all, hypnotherapy targets and improves emotional issues in your life which is the origin of most problems.
But don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself the true first-hand accounts of real people-like you-who are now enjoying a new life of health and happiness because of hypnotherapy.

The astonishing but true story of...
“I have been living with unbearable back and neck pain for years. I tried relentless prescribed medications but the pain kept coming back. The pain progressively got worse.
I have attended two hypnotherapy sessions. My pain almost gone immediately and has never came back since. I have known many people who have used this therapy with similar success.”- S.B

“Suicidal depression had forced my family to the edge out of the fear of my well being. I had no desire, no hope left and everything seemed like a mountainous chore. We tried everything. I was a bit sceptical when I heard about the option of hypnotherapy, but was more desperate. In less than two weeks my depression was completely gone. Not only could I not believe it, no one around me could either.

This has truly been a gift from god and I thank Shahid with all my heart. May god bless you”-Gina....

And now you can discover how...
o To activate your immune system
o To help your body heal itself
o To Eliminate ALL you pain, stress, fear, depression and disease

In a Nut shell –The science behind healing
Based on the research of some of the greatest scientific minds who had ever lived, predicted, some day all medicine would be based on controlling energy in the body.
At the root of every illness and diseases, can be traced to an unhealthy energy frequency.
So if you can change the unhealthy frequency to a healthy one, the illness or disease would go away without drugs, surgery or even effort.

How it works
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Stanford University Medical School, and numerous health experts, believe the number one killer on the planet is STRESS! Up to 95% of the physical and non- physical health problems have stress as their origin.

So every time we have a health problem we should be asking, “What stress is causing this, and how can I eliminate it?”

Once you have a belief, you than view your life, your personal circumstances and the world around you working to proof the belief.

So because of these false beliefs and misinterpretations you view your life as dangerous and threatening to you. The cells in your body are then constantly forced into a stress filled "defensive mode" as opposed to normal, healthy “growth mode.” When this continuously happens every day your body becomes so stressed, then it begins to break down, and you are no longer able to repair yourself. The Fight /Flight kicks in and the emergency shuts down a lot of your body’s natural functions.

When you are under stress your body cells don’t take in proper oxygen, water or nutrients. They don’t release waste and toxins as it would normally do. This slows the cells communication with other body cells to help keep you healthy.

However, by using various healing techniques such as Energy Healing Codes, EFT, NLP and Hypnosis we are able to correct the false beliefs, and misinterpretations. This stops creating constant stress within your body and allows body cells to function normally.

Your body is the perfect healing machine, when your body cells are not forced into defensive position brought by stress.

This kind of healing gets to the heart of the matter and address the real cause of emotions that causes sickness and disease at the cellular level...where it all starts.

“As breath is the substance of life, stress is the substance of death. It brings about death little by little”. The Emotional Healing Codes technique together with the other methods of hypnotherapy changes the stress paradigm in a matter of minutes in a scientifically proven and reproducible way, thus eliminating the cause of illness and disease in the body”-Dr Ben Johnson.

You can now
>Take charge of your health-and feel younger and healthier than ever before.
>Target Solutions – remove destructive unhealed memories... the source of stress
>When you remove the destructive memory pictures in the heart and subsequently remove the stress from the body, the immune system can than heal just about anything on its own.

“This whole process is life-changing, and it didn’t take that long. I tell everybody about it. Give it a try. It works” -Andrea